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welcome to the collaborative picture-blog inkfell, on here we tell and show stories.

there are two* editors leny and Nadia:

  • Leny tends to post imaginative prompts describing to some degree a character, or demographic, or allegorical myth.
  • Nadia thinks she is keyboard cat. she likes to draw responses to prompts, and tends towards the fashion side of design.

we have two* resident authors/artists who may occasionally post:

  1. Erika tends to post great artistic interpretations of prompts, then laugh maniacally.
  2. Leaflesstree a budding author with remarkable sense of humor and endearing desire for excellence.
  3. kakalakola
  4. jonn

for more personal introductions of the main contributors head here

because on some page layouts you don’t see the poster’s name, we also added the author to the category. note, both author and category bearing their name will just filter out the blog content to show you the stuff in that category. if we find a way around this we will remove the redundancy.

for those new to word press, categories are basicly common tags and help you sort out content of a type. for us:

  • prompts are entries where an artistic idea is introduced for purpose of spuring creativity
  • ‘inspired’s are posts responding to prompts
  • myth refers to Leny’s formal canon generally, but occasionally to previous canon’s characters.
  • abstract refers to ambiguous entries with unfinished and uncertain contents.
  • Spirituality means shared core. sometimes meaning multiple authors
  • Human means it is human centric, generally with a human in the picture.

remember to link the article you are inspired by, prompt or picture,  if you respond on your own blog. and also designate if you want it shared further- other wise, we wont know about your fabulous creations.


* the number of authors and editors is subject to change, hopefully through growth


2 thoughts on “sploosh page / need help?

  1. Hey…better late than never…talk about D-day :-P…just finished printing my shit off xanga. tty soon

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