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Single Woman Moon:

Single Woman Moon:

single-woman moon: short haired girl, with a light side and a darkside. the light side is still caused by the sun, but the light doesn’t really help her. she brings more diversity and nurturing styles to life through effect on the tide.

I am really enjoying working on this prompt. There are so many things that I would love to write about this and the last one I drew.


Daron Kappauff and Chris Delloiacono creators of the new graphic novel “Horizon’s End”



Daron Kappauff and Chris Delloiacono are the writing team and creators of the new graphic novel “Horizon’s End” that is featured on the Kickstarter! Both have a great love for comics and are finally being given a chance to show their love with this new project! This isn’t the first attempt to be a part of the comic industry, as both of them have been writers and editors for 411Mania and ComicsNexus, also Daron wrote a 4-issue back-up story in Image Comics’ Small Gods (though the book was cancelled before his issues saw print). Writing is something they love to do, Daron has published short stories in a number of literary journals, and his first novel was a finalist in Blank Slate Press’ 2012 New Novelist Talent Hunt. Similarly, Chris had a short story published in the collection Contagion: War Stories, and Triptych is his first novel is currently…

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