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300 (and entering the third month, milestone)

CCC, we are now 300.

i’ll post a topical C poem in a while.

we hit another milestone we were excited for recently of a whopping 250 follows, and in the last couple days it has exploded to 300 follows :O. some pretty amazing growth beyond our wildest expectations.
thank you all for tuning in to listen to the random ravings of Leny, with his/my myths about how to allegorically encapsulate the meaning for sake of conversation and slake of apathy. as well as the mystical drawings of Nadia, and Erika.
also we are shortly entering our third month, less than one week away. hooray!
*party poppers*
i don’t think i noticed the similarity between a ‘party popper’ and a ‘party pooper’; and a crucial difference that. though then again one would dislike fishing either from a fountain. i digress.

We are proud at the warm and empassioned reception to our content and thankful for all the support in form of comments, and likes.  also we would like to thank the rest of the writing and drawing staff, Erika and lori. for their tremendous contributions of time, effort, and creativity in producing content for all of us to enjoy.
we also would like to take the time to welcome some new contributors:
  • kakalakola
  • jonn
krakalakola is an great artistic who tends to apply himself most passionately with myths and movie industry work.
jonn, is another fabulous artist with established reputation for his creative aptitude and mystical style.