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Deities Prompt: Death: In Color


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Deities Prompt: Fire & Water: In Color



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Deities Prompt: Serenity


Serenity – depicted as a priestess or monk, dressed in a white robe with no visible face.

Deities Prompt: Life


Life – drawn as a woman surrounded by plants, or sometimes as a solitary tree.

As usual, cheap pencil on cheaper paper.

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Deities Prompt: Four Elements & A Monkey


Earth – depicted as a dark-skinned, broad-chested man.


Fire – depicted as a woman ablaze.


Air – depicted as a bird, often an eagle, or occasionally a dragon.


Water – depicted most often as part woman, part fish, with scales or fins.


Chaos – depicted as a monkey, lord of tricksters, wearing a golden crown.

Cheap pencil on cheaper paper.

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Deities Prompt: Death


Death – A humanoid figure in a black robe, but with features like a serpent.

(Er… sorry about the quality.)

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Water (fish girl)



Water – depicted most often as part woman, part fish, with scales or fins.

Lory’s prompt on her pantheon of deities here

Deities: Death

Deities: Death

I like to linger on their lips
to taste their lives
even as they fade
sweet happiness
bitter sadness
acid anger
I can feel human
on the tip of my tongue
they beg to be told
what happens next
I know not
nor do I care
I have only come to take them

Acrylic, pencil, and ink (photo editing used)

YAY milestone


sorry. caps lock decided to be on, my keyboard must be excited about something.

Hello everyone, this is one of a few milestone entries we are going to be posting, probably they will be put up roughly with orders of magnitude growth, but also perhaps to conclude a completed year.

it has been less than a month and we are already on the brink of hitting FOUR major milestones:

  • First, which we have already hit, is to have 100 subscriber/followers (today). YAY. sorry- super serious for reals, but it is quite an accomplishment. triple digits 😀

  • Secondly, we have hit 1000 views total on our site.

  • Thirdly, we have had more than 100 views on an entry, and not just that, but 150 views. :O that is amazing for such a young blog, with the direction we are going.

  • Fourth, we have 150 likes. with only 21 posts (including this).

so to all our subscribers/followers/friends, thank you for giving us a voice. i can hear our ideas reverberating down entrenched valleys of premise and across oceans of precedence. we are both stunned and honored by the roaring warmth of our reception in the WordPress community.

right now, we have hit a remarkable breadth/diversity of viewership with tens of views from english speaking countries but even substantial readership where English is a minority of a happenstance, like the Sudan or Turkey. I (leny) didn’t imagine we would grow so wide, getting some US views was to be expected, as well as Canada, but never expected South Africa to be tuning in.

well in other news we also have some content on the horizon.

and now for Nadia, Bunny in chief.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~{@         })i({         @}~~~~~~~~~~~

     (\(\         /)/)

    (oo)       (‘;’)

        (“)(“)     (“) (“)o

    \(^o^)/   YAY

Can’t even start to describe how excited I am today, actually how excited I’ve been through all this {almost a} month ^^ it has been an amazing journey, since the start, when we discovered the ‘shared blog’ tools on wp dashboard _o/\o_ yes, big high five 😀

An exciting and most joyful adventure, each orange light on the top of my screen makes me smile, means we’re connecting and sharing, and your support and company is what makes this experience so wonderful! ^^

Thank you for subbing/following, liking, commenting, and making fan content. It is inspiring to see how others take ideas to higher planes.

Thank you so much for making us feel welcomed!

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Life (Arbola)

Life (Arbola)

Life – drawn as a woman surrounded by plants, or sometimes as a solitary tree

Great prompt by Lory here

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