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guest poem- by anonymous (NSFW)

wrapped in legs and moans
a burning burn, blister of love
a humble charcoal posing root
a cartoon heart, shyly mute

of fleeting words, swift arrows
a bridge was knitted, despite sorrows


the blackened piece, was never before
exposed to the flaming heat
of the one time frozen,
icy eyes, now turned in sweet fire

the shy humid stone,
never knew what love felt like,
till the abrasive tongues of passion
were brought upon it, changing
transmutting the very essence of its vulgar matter

the dark, inconsequential shape
squirming under unknown force,
sunk itself into the emotions, surrendered
and emerged a different stone…

the contact with the seed of sun,
gave to the lil charcoal a happy glow,
a shiny hope, a shared dream
a fixed path.


can pretty thoughts transform matter?

the beauty of a mind
surely can re shape a heart
a life, a fate and a myth.

but mostly the beauty of your mind, made the alchemists dream come true,
by arcane methods, and helping moon, you changed my gloom,
into a brilliant doom.