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No words




warning: this post is annoyingly personal and contains a lot of the usual lovelylollipop’s drama lol

*sigh*Β  I’m kind’a back, not really but I feel the need to speak/write something, I have been avoiding it on purpose, mostly out of a huge sentiment of guilt, spiced up with some shame and more guilt πŸ˜›

where were we last time?Β  I think it was when I traveled to Mexico City (I’m from Guatemala) when things started to mix and mess in my real life. Coming back was hard and mostly complex but the change was done and aside of long work hours things were looking okay the first month (october). I came here to fix Zara’s legal status as her dad is mexican and needed to resign custody for me to have the freedom to move around and travel with her… which basically meant she left my country ilegally (dad needed to sign her out of Guatemala but he couldn’t)… we cross the river πŸ˜›

anyway, that’s not why I stopped writting/drawing, at first the pause was due to lack of means, I mean, either I had no laptop, or internet acces, then I had no time (two shifts at work) and the lilk time I had, I used to be with family and talk to Leny (text via phone)… but the reason I stopped writting was cuz Leny and I ended up our relationship, and about that, I just have to say that it was all on me and I’m still not over it.

So, I’m sorry about the long pause and I’m even more sorry cuz I’m selfish enough to come back the minute I feel the imperius need to share and write, so feel free to give me the finger and pass over this πŸ˜› seriously I understand and there no harsh feelings πŸ™‚

Zara is great, happy as ever and Lily ended up being a male cat instead of a girl cat as formerly thought, so the cat is huge and he is still named Lily… I’m happy and missing yall as hell.

Lots of hugs to all πŸ™‚


this model will be performed in bodypaint the next May 30 at the 7mo Encuentro de Maquillaje Corporal Fonanbules en el Centro de Mexico Contemporaneo by yours trully. It’s possibly one of the few things I’ve done this past 6 months.Β  Represents a kite, the theme of the show is “Language ann tongues” and my concept is about the giant kites that are elevated to the sky on Novemeber first in Guatemala, it’s called “Words to the Gods” cuz our kites are used to send “telegrams” either to deities or ancestors in the sky.


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fashion post on 3 archetypes

fashion1 fasion2 fashion3

the Whisps with neither agenda, nor form.

the chimera coalition, lead by the dragon clan, and lord Terraether.

the Phoenix stewardship, based in the bastion capital of β€œthe forge”

Full text, original prompt here


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Pottress : fashion exploration


ink and crayons


finger kiddy paint πŸ˜›

original prompt here.

I love this character



no memory of self, awoken from the delusion of life.

Awesome prompt here πŸ™‚

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nameless kind potter


this is probably my favorite character after “Putre “, the idea of selfless kindness healing injustice or giving back humanity to the condemned, its such a pretty thought πŸ™‚


(based on a character first referenced here

and later expanded upon here

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Original Inks


I draw for the joy of it, the fun of it and part of the fun of it, for me, is looking how things can look after twisting and played with them on a digital editor… but all my drawings are basically black ink over plain paper (like the one above)Β . So I thought it’d be nice to share the originals here πŸ˜€ (links to finals below)

hawk 001












So this are the original drawings without the shiny effects and all the smudges on display πŸ˜›

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