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You will let me look into your eyes and turn your heart to stone.

pencil, marker, plastic crayon



IMAG6759_20140529092149585“The Place Between Where Me and Reality Begins”

She’s Sleeping with the Fishes

IMAG4912-1-1_20140405221137486(Acrylic, oil pastel, finger nail polish)


He told me he hated cats; they were more useless than fucking pigeons. The corners of his mouth turn up, but only a little.  His eyes are still empty.  He told me that when he was a kid he used to catch kittens and place them in pillow cases to be tossed in the Hudson River.  He would watch them struggle and finally drown.  Sometimes it took a couple hours.  He found it to be relaxing to imagine what it felt like to be them.

He hated cats.  Maybe I really was dead when he tossed me into  the river.  I couldn’t see him through the bag, but he would have waited for me to sink.  If he imagined my thoughts of fear, he was wrong. I thought, “I never wanted to be a mermaid.”

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(I love this painting, the photos do not even begin to do it justice.)

Speak No Evil

IMAG4363_20140315131835605She thought she'd never tell.


I miss the collaborative effort that used to happen on this site. I have been rolling a few ideas around in my head about the direction that the site should go or starting my own site.    Either way, I will post the idea here.  If I do end up starting my own site, I will always put my art submissions here.  I will also be interested in administrators.  I know a couple of you who read my private site expressed interest in getting the scavenger hunt thing going again.  I think it is a great idea for this site, but I do not know how the administrators would feel about me taking over this site.  I will have to ask.

See No Evil

See No EvilI had more to say about this self-portrait, but my mind is drawing a blank.  You can see more details here.

Dry Land




I always knew I didn’t belong on dry land, but I have been parted from the sea for far too long.  I can no longer call it home.  I’ll continue to breathe air that doesn’t sustain me.

I have this quote from The Dollhouse stuck in my head.  “How can you remember and not remember something at the same time?” or something similar.  I often wonder when I will feel like my life is my own.

Oil pastel, wax crayon, ink

Portrait of John

My little guy and I collaborated on a portrait of him.  I wanted him to help, but he wouldn’t.  He told me he wanted fireflies and trees to be his dream so that is what I drew.

IMAG1994_20131222163538819Oil pastel, pencil, ink, glitter



Acrylic, marker, fingernail polish

If darkness, ugliness, and evil can plant a seed inside you and grow, beauty can be regrown and flourish.


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Their laughter
Their stares
Bored holes through my skin
I tried to hold myself together
but the pieces of my body were too heavy
and my soul was too light

and I am ripped and leaking

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When I gave up trying project the images perfectly, I finally got it they way I wanted it to be.



This piece is going to drive me mad.  I started it and can’t seem to get to the point where I am satisfied.  For five minutes I thought, tonight will be it.  I stepped back, took the pictures, and edited them for dramatic effect.  Then the voice in my head said, she doesn’t tell a good enough story.  Sigh.  Stop taunting me before I put you back in the trunk of my car.IMAG1614_20131119000807071

These pieces started out as ways for me to start to love my body again.  They were a way to begin to feel emotions again. Now they are just ways for me to try new techniques.


Detail 1


Detail 2

IMAG1619Detail 3

I will finish this soon or set it on fire.

Acrylic, ink, marker, finger nail polish