prompt: the cause of inter-human social conflict


prompt ‘what is the TL;DR of any major conflict to ever happen?’


    people got angry.

    anger turned to violence.

    violence lead to unexpected and deviant abuse/proof of power.

    unexpected abuse created popular confusion.

    confusion begat corruption emulating and reiterating upon the empowered behavior.

    corruption inspired anger.


    anger turned to violence.

    violence was placated by bargaining.

    bargains/deals became bankrupt by optimism, and a perception of deception.

    deception leads to allegations of fault.

    fault leads to defensive escalation and scapegoating.

   scapegoating either leads to acceptance of circumstance as due to a specific fictitiously unreliable party which leads to a golden age. or rejection of the established culture.

    culture rejection leads to cultural innovation, tending towards alien/foreign concepts shifting: idealism vs humanism, individualism vs collectivism, and the style of the implementation.

    cultural innovation leads to competition of method capacity.

    competitive method leads to pride in culture.

    pride in culture leads to pushing people to be ‘better’.

    ‘bettered people’ grow resentful and angry


… i haven’t posted on here for a while, but i feel this is appropriate. i’m not sure if it is complete or valid. let me know if you find something to add, or if i’m being presumptive and need to take something out.


4 thoughts on “prompt: the cause of inter-human social conflict

  1. You pretty much have covered all the bases. Nobody ever said this conflict thing was simple, though, so I have to come back after a good night’s sleep.

  2. jr cline says:

    I don’t know if something needs to be added or taken away.

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