This is one of the center pieces on the body paint I’m working on. It’s a “quetzal”, Guatemalan national bird and Maya sacred bird.

Legend says that during Spain’s invasion to Iximché, the Qui’che fortress city, the brave young prince Tecún Uman was mortally wounded by Spaniard vile general Don Pedro de Alvarado.

When the young prince fell, a beautiful quetzal went to rest over his chest, both died there and since that day, quetzals have their chest painted in bright red. Tainted by the Qui’che Prince’s blood.


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4 thoughts on “Quetzal

  1. jr cline says:

    This is a beautiful bird.

  2. sserrat says:

    It is magic how something with life of its own can become by the hands of someone into another form of life. Hi there! I love the name of your blog, can I borrow it to make a story from it. I also love the main drawing of the blog and the style of this blog. Have I said blog already 😉 Keep up the good work

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