Speak No Evil

IMAG4363_20140315131835605She thought she'd never tell.


I miss the collaborative effort that used to happen on this site. I have been rolling a few ideas around in my head about the direction that the site should go or starting my own site.    Either way, I will post the idea here.  If I do end up starting my own site, I will always put my art submissions here.  I will also be interested in administrators.  I know a couple of you who read my private site expressed interest in getting the scavenger hunt thing going again.  I think it is a great idea for this site, but I do not know how the administrators would feel about me taking over this site.  I will have to ask.


5 thoughts on “Speak No Evil

  1. erikamsteele says:

    Reblogged this on Feigned Affections and commented:
    Anyone interested in getting Inkfell rolling again?

  2. digitalgranny says:

    I would like to do a scavenger hunt too.

  3. digitalgranny says:

    I always doubt myself too.

  4. I haven’t been doing anything creative that I felt was worthy of being shared here, and I haven’t been drawing at all. Every so often when I log onto wordpress I wonder if I should share some of my novel-in-progress here, but I think it’s not really in the spirit of creative collaboration.

    It’s a good concept, and I’d like to get it going again also. Maybe something like a scavenger hunt would provide enough inspiration for creativity.

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