Monthly Archives: December 2013

Dry Land




I always knew I didn’t belong on dry land, but I have been parted from the sea for far too long.  I can no longer call it home.  I’ll continue to breathe air that doesn’t sustain me.

I have this quote from The Dollhouse stuck in my head.  “How can you remember and not remember something at the same time?” or something similar.  I often wonder when I will feel like my life is my own.

Oil pastel, wax crayon, ink


Portrait of John

My little guy and I collaborated on a portrait of him.  I wanted him to help, but he wouldn’t.  He told me he wanted fireflies and trees to be his dream so that is what I drew.

IMAG1994_20131222163538819Oil pastel, pencil, ink, glitter



Acrylic, marker, fingernail polish

If darkness, ugliness, and evil can plant a seed inside you and grow, beauty can be regrown and flourish.