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Mother Earth (conception)


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Deities Prompt: Death


Death – A humanoid figure in a black robe, but with features like a serpent.

(Er… sorry about the quality.)

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The Little Mermaid: Greed

The Little Mermaid: Greed

Watch your eyes
It’s mine
There will never be enough of everything

marker, wax crayon, oil pastel

birth of Turmoil


Mother Earth giving birth Turmoil, the tortured offspring.

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The Little Mermaid: Vanity

The Little Mermaid

Beauty fades.
That was all she could see.
She was too blind to see the beauty that bloomed from her love and her heart.
She could not see the beauty in the world around her, or in others.
Only beauty fades

marker, wax crayon, oil pastel

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The Little Mermaid (Envy)

The Little Mermaid (Envy)

wax crayon, marker, oil pastel

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I am weaker, yet I am supposed to be uphold some man’s pride, even above my own.

I am inferior, yet I have the guile to lead men astray at the mere sight of my flesh.

Tell me again, father, why I should follow someone who is too weak to stand on his own and foolish enough to follow me into darkness?

Father said, “Because the Bible says so.”

So then, we shouldn’t suffer witches to live?

My love whispered to me, “Fairy tales are not real, and you should want a man who can be by your side.”

Acrylic, marker, wax crayon

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